The Wonk Decelerator by John Joseph Doody

Hello y’all!!! As I have shared on announcements I’m participating in a blog tour(well several aha) below you’ll find some information about the author, some book blurb and insight and of course my review. Hope y’all enjoy!!! [there are links provided, feel free to click if ya want]

About the Author

I earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Coral Ridge University and Seminary, as well as an M.A. in Political Science from George Wythe College. My first publication was a short story, TELEPIO 690, which appeared in Sidetrekked Magazine, Issue #48. My other publications are, my first novel (actually a novella), THE WONK DECELERATOR, my second novel, THE LATE, GREAT BENJAMIN BALE, my third novel, RETURN OF THE CRIMSON WITCH and a fourth mini-book, a prequel to the Guild Series, THE DAUGHTER OF GETH, which is available only in ebook. I am currently working on a science fiction/horror novel, THE DARK. One of these days I might even finish it.

Happily, I have a wife and four children and live in Florida.

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Inside the Books

Author: John Joseph Doody
Publisher: eTreasures Publishing LLC
Pages: 131
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy


For Earthers dwelling in Guild space, it is a one-hundred year journey back to Earth. An unimaginable voyage, until now.

When Guild commander and crack pilot, Thad Cochran boards the shuttle destined for the casinos of Timmerus, finding a way back to Earth is not on his radar. He wants the five-percent finder’s fee the Guild is offering for a black box held by the lizard-like Yazz. Thad has a dream: With the loot he will get for stealing the Wonk Decelerator, he can buy a ranch on Beta Prime.

But things begin to fall apart for him in the dark caverns of Timmerus, and Thad must reconsider his priorities in life. Has he discovered a cause greater than his dream? Are there actually more important things to life than money and his dream? What about the woman who is waiting for him? What about freedom in the galaxy? And what about his discovery, fashioned by the gnarled hands of a brilliant, old Yazz, that could change everything?

Thad Cochran has a choice to make. He can fulfill his quest, escape with his life and be rich. Or he can fly with the Wonks … one more time

&& of course my review 😊😊

The Wonk Decelerator was action packed. I found it very hard to put it down and honestly read it in one sitting. John Joseph Doody really knows how to keep his readers attention.

If we’re being completely honest here, I was hooked just because of the title of the Prologue which is “Blood Money” I read it and immediately though, oh now this is right up my alley. And, the book did not disappoint.

Thad Cochran is a Guild Commander. He is the best pilot alive. Normally, he’s a cool-headed, clear-mind type of guy. But when he is offered a mission to retrieve a black box, he jumps on it immediately. Maggie Thorn tries to talk him out of it. She knows this probably won’t end well. I mean who in their right mind would go onto a neutral planet, unarmed, with a $20,000 price on their head? Obviously, Thad Cochran. He hopes to retrieve the box and get out of there with no problem. She asks him “What good is money to a dead man?”

‘Let’s hope intelligence is right, Thad. You don’t want to get lost in lizard world’

Thad continues with his mission. Ignoring everything Maggie has to say. And in my opinion, it’s the dumbest thing he could have done. Not everyone needs to play hero, I don’t know why it was so hard for him to listen.

The story moves along very fast. I felt like I was on a rollercoaster of fantasy thrills. Cochran only has one shot at this. If he screws up, he’s dead. And, well even if he doesn’t screw up, he still may be dead. A lot of people on this planet consider him a traitor. And, to add to that if he succeeds, he will be known as a thief.

So, he plans to get in and out hopefully unseen but soon he realizes he’s been spotted. For the most part, if you weren’t breaking Meganite laws the Meganites didn’t care much who you were, or what your occupation was.

Cochran knew instinctively they weren’t interested in capturing him and taking him back. They were only interested in killing him and getting the reward money. And, well he was in a lot of trouble because if he tried to get away, they would catch him, no doubt they were faster and younger. Leaving him trapped he had to stand and fight. A damn bloody fight at that will Cochran survive this and get the black box? You’ll have to read The Wonk Decelerator to find out. I’m not spoiling it😉  

I give this book 5/5 stars!!! As I stated early on, this book did not disappoint. The action and high fantasy throughout kept me entertained. I’m grateful to have been given the chance to read and review it as part of Pump Up Your Book Blog Tours.

I’ll be posting for the second and third book in this series as well, so stay tuned everyone!

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