The Late, Great Benjamin Bale by John Joseph Doody

As I shared previously I’m on tour for the entire Guild Saga by John Joseph Doody ☺️ below you will find some book blurb, author information, links you can click on to follow him on social sites and of course my review. Hope y’all enjoy 😊

Inside The Book

Author: John Joseph Doody
Publisher: eTreasures Publishing LLC
Pages: 370
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy


The destinies of two men depend on Maggie Thorn. One is dying and the other is dead…or is he?


Captain Maggie Thorn is on a formal Guild mission, supposedly to kidnap the yazz scientist, Gravian Endrenicus, and return him to Thandimone. But she also has a personal score to settle with the lizard-like inhabitants of Timmerus. She intends to make the yazz pay for what they did to Thad Cochran—the one the yazz call the Thieves Guild pilot. The man she loves.


Supreme Fleet Commander, Admiral Geoff Grangore knows of only one man who could get Maggie to Timmerus and back while traitorous eyes are watching. That man is an old drunk who lives deep in the Thandimonean wilderness with his pet Eno, Snot. Benjamin Bale is suicidal and cantankerous, and Maggie can’t stand him—at first.


Bale is a dead man. At least, that’s what everyone was told. But this dead man has a final mission to perform. The greatest star pilot in the galaxy has a chance to redeem himself and make right a great wrong. A wrong which he can never forgive or forget. A wrong that cost him everything.

About the Author

I earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Coral Ridge University and Seminary, as well as an M.A. in Political Science from George Wythe College. My first publication was a short story, TELEPIO 690, which appeared in Sidetrekked Magazine, Issue #48. My other publications are, my first novel (actually a novella), THE WONK DECELERATOR, my second novel, THE LATE, GREAT BENJAMIN BALE, my third novel, RETURN OF THE CRIMSON WITCH and a fourth mini-book, a prequel to the Guild Series, THE DAUGHTER OF GETH, which is available only in ebook. I am currently working on a science fiction/horror novel, THE DARK. One of these days I might even finish it.

Happily, I have a wife and four children and live in Florida.

Website Link:

Twitter Link: @johnjosephdoody

Facebook Link:


&& of course my review:

Maggie Thorn is no stranger to survival situations. She’s battled it out against the biggest enemies.

But with the destinies of two men now depending on her, will she be able to keep herself level-headed?

Maggie needs to get to Timmerus and back, but there’s only one person that can do it. A man who just so happens to be: Benjamin Bale, a wild,suicidal drunkard who lives with his pet Eno,Snot. These two live out in the wilderness away from everyone.(I was thinking, ‘atleast the crazy fool is away from everyone’.

Thad Cochran: Galactic Guild Commander knew something was wrong, he could sense he was being carried and he could hear muffled voices. As he slowly opens his eyes he notices blood on Doc Branch’s hands, is that my blood?

The Doc tells him to hang on they’re taking him to the infirmary. Thad realizes he’s hurt and bleeding. He tastes blood when he coughs.

Things go fuzzy, they place him on a gurney and he’s given oxygen to help him breathe…….. & then he hears “he’s going into cardiac arrest!”

He feels his chest tighten like a vise grip is on it. Pain shoots through his body down to his legs and toes. It’s almost like someone is beating a giant drum or maybe cymbals.

Will Thad survive? Does Maggie get to where she needs to be? And what about the destinies of the two men?

I guess you’ll have to read The Late, Great Benjamin Bale to find out.

I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first one. I give it 5/5 stars. I can’t wait to see where the third one leads me!

I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to be apart of this blog tour which is sponsored by Pump Up Your Book!

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