What’s New In My Blogging World?

Hope everyone is doing well on this chilly Sunday morning. I haven’t posted in awhile and I apologize. I’ve kind of been in a slump…anxiety, stress and being sick will do that unfortunately.

As I’ve shared in my Review Policy I don’t generally like to read e-books because of formatting issues that I have come across. Yes I do read a lot of e-books but the majority of them are ones that I have hoarded over the years and haven’t had a chance to get through yet. Some authors have sent me Arcs in e-book form, sometimes that’s the only way that they have to send it to me. I absolutely 100% prefer physical copies but I will admit having an e-reader does come in handy. Harassing me about my preferences will not get you anywhere, it will only make me ignore you. The only e-books that I automatically say yes to is the ones that I download for OnlineBookClub. I’m on the reviewers team for this company and I get paid for my reviews, so it’s worth it that way. Now, that isn’t my way of saying “pay me you peasants” I’m just saying that there’s more incentive that way, don’t get butt-hurt.

Anyways! I’ve been trying to get through all my proofs that I’ve been ever so grateful to receive from so many wonderful authors and publishers. I haven’t figured out when or how I’m going to decide which to post first. Simply because, they’re all so wonderful. So far this year I think that I have read a total of 48 books. I haven’t been updating Goodreads or my actual book journal like I should be so that count could be way off. I’ve been trying to stay organized with keeping 2 journals and a planner so maybe I’ll get there one day lol. 

I think I’ve posted this in Announcements, but I’ll share again 🙂 I am signed up for some blog tours but they’re scheduled out May-June. I’m super excited for these and discovering new authors is always a good thing too. I can’t wait to be a part of sharing the word for these books that are coming out and well learning about the author that took the time to write the books is always a good thing too. I also have some more Proof Copies coming in the mail that I am excited for as well. I mean its books who wouldn’t be excited? =}

———————————— ——————————————————

As I have shared previously, I have been dealing with Amazon Customer service. Initially I didn’t think any of my questions were going to be answered. The first representative that I dealt with was very unprofessional and didn’t even touch base on my email. Instead they chose to look through my amazon history and brought up a product that I had purchased years ago. My question was simple ” How will I be able to leave reviews for books that I have received? I only want a chance to leave honest feedback but that isn’t an option for me.” After a couple of days of corresponding with a few different reps. I finally got answers today.

— According to Amazon’s rules and guidelines I wont be able to leave reviews because I don’t have any purchases or account history within that last 12 months (kindle free e-books don’t count) Due to my lack of purchasing I wont be able to review any product. This is to cut down on the amount of spam reviews that they receive from those that basically just want to be a heckler. Which, I understand this, I’m not sure why the first couple of people couldn’t have explained that to me… It took the gentleman that I spoke with on the phone today all of maybe 5 minutes to bring that information up for me. I have to say he was very nice and professional. I’m thankful that I was finally able to speak with someone that has a brain.

So, for those that have asked me about leaving Amazon reviews here is why and I apologize but it doesn’t look like I will be able to do Amazon reviews. No, I’m not mad about the situation as I said I understand the policy. However, I’m not in a situation where I can spend money online just to be able to do reviews. I don’t have the money to spare.

Below is my original post about Amazon customer service… my opinion is still firm on the first guy that replied:

Amazon Customer service…Is a freaking joke. I emailed them trying to figure out and understand why I’m not allowed to leave reviews for books. The response I received had nothing to do with my issue. The person responded about a review that I apparently tried to do over 5 years ago for a case for an iPhone 5. Nowhere in my email did I mention anything about a phone case. I’m not happy. I’ve emailed 4 different times trying to get this resolved. All I want to do is be able to review books and leave some honest feedback, but they won’t allow it. Anyways, I’ll keep updating and this issue either gets fixed or I stop using Amazon. We will see.


So a little update: I’ve recently received Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callaghan from Harper Collins Publishing. I have also been sent Thomas Wildus And The Book of Sorrows by J.M. Bergen that I won for being part of Early Reviewers on Library Thing… I haven’t had a chance to start on them yet, as I am working hard on getting through so many others. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start them soon. I’ve been waiting for the longest time to receive Becoming Mrs. Lewis and was so stoked when I got that package today. The cover is sooooo pretty. I’m giddy damn near to jump into the wonderful world of that book. I’ve just got to get through a lot of other books first haha.


So, I have had another in-flux of ebooks fall into my lap. I’m waiting on some ARCs to arrive by mail and I’ve still got some hardbacks and paperbacks to get through as well. While no, I wont be updating constantly about books for a little bit, I am not going back on hiatus. I will still be here, if nothing else, I might post random babbling. Who knows?

I have received more ebooks and emails in the past couple of days than I ever thought would be possible. I also received Carolina Dance by Alex Cage yesterday so I am pretty damn excited about that as well. I will hopefully be posting about it middle of next week. But, no promises as I do have quite a few other books to get through.

Books have always been there for me. The stories, the characters and the worlds that I get lost in always help me.

So, if youre like me and love to read you probably also enjoy reading a review or 2.